Strong Conceptual Ideas Backed Up With Beautiful Art Direction.

About Me

About Me


Hello, my name is Stuart Parker and I am a Motion Designer from Dublin Ireland. I believe in strong conceptual ideation backed up with beautiful art direction.

I am proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and have some experience in Cinema4d.

It all started when...

I used to wander my room late at night when I should have been long asleep when I was a kid. I spent the time digging around to find books to read or just tasks to take up time. One night I found a Lilo & Stitch video game box, I thought I would give drawing it a go.

I was so damn proud of the version I did of it I decided to wake my parents to show them at 3am in the morning. Needless to say they were none too happy but from that point I knew I wanted to be creative.

Fast forward 12 years I am in my first year of college studying visual communication, I fell in love with design and illustration. Fast forward another 4 years and I am studying digital design, adapting my visual skills into motion design.

My basic love is telling fun and interesting stories. I believe in strong conceptual thinking backed up with unique and beautiful art direction. If you find yourself agreeing then I'm your guy!